Monday, August 1, 2011

There has to be something that can help!

At one point or another all of us have wondered if there is something out there that can help. I did and I am so glad that I found that "something". I was introduced to the oils when I was pregnant with Sophia. I thought they were great but didn't think they were for me until I was sick and there was nothing that could take away the coughing fits I was having. So I called up my friend and she brought over some samples right away. Before I went to bed I applied peppermint oil to the bottoms of my feet and lemon oil to my chest. It helped so much and with in a couple of days my cough was completely gone. After having Sophia she was so congested at night and because of her being an infant there was nothing over the counter that I could give her. ***Then I remember the oils*** Now she sleeps wonderfully and more importantly can breathe! Since then we have found so many other uses for our oils from our physical and mental health, cleaning supplies, to cooking and much more! These oils have definitely changed our lives.

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